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Mental Game AI

Postby Guest » 04 Mar 2016, 23:20

I'd like a little bit more information about the mental game for the computer AI, mid match. Here is my understanding:

Concentration = A little bit how they predict and position themselves for incoming balls.
Cold Blood = Nothing in match.
Constancy = Nothing in match.
Tactic = Same as Concentration in match.
Positioning = Like Concentration/Tactic, but has a lot more impact in game (?).

There is no documentation for how these skills affect the player in the match, for the mental skills, even searching in the forums. And I'm talking about when they are actually playing, not just score simulation.

My real question is about how the AI changes mid match. I notice that they play better when they are down match point or set point. I've noticed this after many many games against them, and watching the computer players play each other, to try and understand this. Does this happen? Why does this happen? How does the AI change, depending on that what has happened during the match? For example, there is this one player who is very strong, but often makes lots of errors during the match. Then, when they are close to losing, they ALWAYS play better, hit the lines, and don't make errors. Always. Is this part of the game? Does this have to do with having a high Cold Blood (the player does have a high Cold Blood skill). I'd like to know more about how this works, even if it's just very simple.

Thank you, and I appreciate it!

Re: Mental Game AI

Postby manutoo » 05 Mar 2016, 05:14


similar theme here : topic15-21728.php

AI doesn't play any differently at end of the set or a game than at other time.
The only thing that changes AI over time is its prediction of efficiency for rushing the net ; a lot of success at net => rush more often ; not enough success => rush less often ; but it evolves all the time, it's not linked to the end of set.

Globally, you can have 3 random behaviors at the end of set : play better, play same, play worse. It's relatively easy to mentally ignore the latter 2 to say there's some forced stuff to make the 1st one happen, but it's really all just random... :)

1 thing to not forget : if you, as a human, play less well at end of the set, it'll lead to the CPU playing better because he'll have more time to prepare his strikes & stuff like that.
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