Special Shots ?

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Special Shots ?

Postby Fabry » 25 Aug 2009, 00:24


reading here and there this forum I read about some "special" shots. I've been able to do the Nadal shot. So far has never gone long, always on court, and as I can see is dependant on the stats of your player. In practice, where I have high values, you can see clearly the ball curving, in tour mode, where my player is just at the beginning, I can't. Am I right? Same thing with the twisted serve.

Another shot i read about is the acceleration slice. How can I do that and what movement the ball will do with that? Is it a slice more powerful than the normal slice?

Drop shots: against the cpu is impossible to make a direct point, while online I found some players using it successfully. Can't it be tweaked some way? I wanna be like King Federer, hitting stunning drop shots like he's doing great this year! :lol: :lol: well not this way, but at least be able to win some point with that, and in other occasions see my drop shot falling miserably on the net, like it is in real life.

Are there other shots that I'm missing? :fear:


Re: Shots

Postby Algo » 25 Aug 2009, 03:20

I better not tell you how the accelerated slice is done :annoyed:

anyway, is b2 +b1 holding up the b2 enough to make the slice anim appear, it's going to be a normal accelerated shot(as fast as your power and top spin skills lets you) but with the slice animation, a impossible in real life so please avoid to use it :whistle:

-Having high skill in drop shot might help you I guess, and I think that drop shots are more of a tactical shot than a technical shot so you should choose wisely when to use them, but most of the times is hard to make a clear winner off of them, yes
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Re: Special Shots ?

Postby Guest » 25 Aug 2009, 13:14

Understood. So nothing special. And don't worry, even if I'll use it online, you'll still crush me, I'm playing only from a week :D

The drop shot I've tried in practice mode, with 100% and easy balls(the beginning, when CPU throw a centered easy ball on you), and even on grass, the only way to make a direct point is standing on the net. Maybe I don't do it well I don't know.

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