3 Important Suggestions

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3 Important Suggestions

Postby percy896 » 04 Nov 2015, 02:16

Hi Manu!

Years later, this game has turned out incredibly well. Congratulations on furthering the legacy of Tennis Elbow! Truly the best tennis simulation currently out there.

I did have some suggestions moving forward, that would hopefully be implemented in a future version. I feel they are all very important in making the game perfect and giving us exactly what we want out of a tennis simulation, and I hope you take a minute to read and think about them seriously. They are all suggestions to the player.ini, for further customize player styles.

1. "Aggression" or "Aggression Scale":
This would determine, for the CPU, how close to the lines the player aims, and how much risk the player takes in different situations. It would NOT determine how often the player comes to net. This would completely revamp the uniqueness of each player (having an aggressive defender, a passive volleyer, etc.), and make the game much more varied and realistic. I really hope you consider this feature.

2. Splitting the "Precision" skill into two parts:
The Precision skill, in forehand and backhand, unfortunately is a bit limited and broken. The skill should definitely be split into the 2 skills that it actually controls. Currently, Precision determines the loss of accuracy and power when the there is not a lot of time to prepare for a shot, and it also determines "random" errors. This should definitely be split into 2 skills. The first could still be called precision, but the second should, correctly, be called Consistency. The "Consistency" skill that we have now is not what the word "consistency" means. Consistency means making less errors. Of course, the names are up to you...it's just a suggestion. Like the first feature I suggested, this would massively improve the game, adding much more variety, customization, and realism. A good example of a way this could fix a player: Someone like Venus Williams. She does not need a lot of time to be able to hit accurate shots, and can hit great shots even on the run and in a bad position. However, she also makes random errors, even on easy balls. Given the current Precision system, it is impossible to make a player like Venus Williams, even if Precision and Consistency are turned up or down. Please think about this suggestion.

3. Net Frequency and/or DropShot Frequency:
This seems less important, but could really improve the AI of the game. There should be a scale that helps determine how often a player comes to net and how often a player hits specialty shots, like the drop shot. It would be a pretty easy addition I imagine.

Thanks for reading and I hope you consider these suggestions. They will help make this game even greater than it already is.

Have a great day!

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