What do big green aiming circles mean?

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What do big green aiming circles mean?

Postby fuzzybabybunny » 14 May 2015, 17:37

I'm so close to quitting this game because the aiming previews don't make any sense.

GREEN = GOOD POSITIONING. So why is my Rafael Nadal character shanking 15 balls a set and covering the entire court with a huge green circle while the CPU opponent shanks maybe 0-1 balls a set in comparison? My player has no fatigue.

RED = BAD positioning, but the ball should still be expected to land somewhere inside the circle. So why is there a TINY red circle and the ball lands anywhere? Shouldn't it be a HUGE red circle with the ball landing (gasp!) INSIDE the circle somewhere?

Say that I have a green circle and the outside edge of it is outside the line. Let's say that 5% of the area of the circle lays outside of the line. This is me being generous because often the perimeter of the circle is almost flush with the line and you can barely even see that any part of the circle is outside the line. But 80% of these balls still end up falling out. Is there some kind of weighted algorithm working against the player here? I would expect the ball to have an equal chance of falling within all areas of the circle, not an 80% chance of falling inside the 5% of the circle that is sticking outside of the line... I'm beginning to suspect that there isn't even a rule that the ball even has to fall inside the aiming circle.
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Re: What do big green aiming circles mean?

Postby manutoo » 15 May 2015, 09:35


the aiming preview is slightly approximate so sometimes the ball can land slightly outside its marked zone.
But mainly the aiming preview shows only the precision zone by its shape and the ball difficulty by its color, but there are some other stuff happening. Main one is the lost of control because incoming ball is too fast ; it happens mostly when doing a drops shot and sometimes some other slow strikes (including the safe strike when running forward).

"your nadal" is controlled by CPU or yourself ?
If you prepare your strikes late, the precision zone will always be huge. Also, if you have low precision skills, you need more preparation time to get that zone small. If you take more risks than your opponent, you'll also get more wide faults.

Red precision ball = complete loss of ball control because the ball is too difficult to play, so your strike can land anywhere (usually too long or in the net, depending of your current position on the court).
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