Quick newbie questions about serving and auto-positioning

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Quick newbie questions about serving and auto-positioning

Postby fuzzybabybunny » 05 May 2015, 11:23

1- I'm still baffled on how to serve and I've read the docs already. I can double fault an entire game and not know why.

There's no power gauge or aiming circle when I serve. As a result I have no idea when I'm supposed to press or release the button or which direction to push the joystick. Am I supposed to press and hold the button and release it at the apex of the toss? Or tap the button and then tap it again at some point in time? Is there some kind of timing that I need to do with the joystick as well?

2- Does the character run SLOWER the moment you press down one of the shot buttons? There's been numerous times when I'm running and I see that I'll get to the ball in time, but when I press a shot button all of a sudden my player doesn't make it to the ball and whiffs.

3- Does auto-positioning put you OUT of position? There have been times when I'm running to a ball with the shot button pressed down and I have a TINY green aiming circle. So I move the joystick to aim while keeping the shot button pressed down, but then the aiming circle gets HUGE. It's like auto-position has actually put my character OUT of position at the last minute - I'm sure as hell not moving the player - the joystick should only be used for aiming at this point...

This is on the PC version.
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Re: Quick newbie questions about serving and auto-positionin

Postby manutoo » 06 May 2015, 10:07


1- you choose the power with the button combination : 1+2 = powerful ; 1 = medium ; 2 = slow (for 2nd serves)
Press the buttons + left/right till you hit the ball ; start to press left/right around the time your player toss the player (or a bit before/after depending of the serve animation you chose) ; then release everything to move your player around. If you want to serve-volley, you can release 0.10 seconds before the impact and push forward.

2- Yes, once you press the strike button(s), your player stops to run & start to decelerate

3- your player has inertia (like in real life), if you stop to run too late, you'll pass the ideal strike position, and thus the aiming zone will get bigger ; you have to stop to run a bit before reaching the ideal position ; the exact time depends of your current speed. Autopos triggers only when your player's speed is near 0.
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Re: Quick newbie questions about serving and auto-positionin

Postby antimouse » 07 May 2015, 20:05

Just a minor experience sharing that may help fuzzybabybunny about serving.

I spent a LOT of time doing your second option (tap the button then tap it again at the time of ball contact). Although I could decently serve, I found it was very hard to do a strong slice open serve. Then someday I thought: why don't I just hold the button down all along? Well, my serve improved A LOT. No more weak services (as it happened sometimes, even with 1+2) and I can do the slice open serve with much more precision now. Once you get used to your player's animation, you will know the best time to push the joystick at the direction you want. I rarely double fault, but I always use slow serve for 2nd serve. If you can manage to push the ball to good positions, you can have a good slow 2nd serve without the risk of doing double faults.
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