AI often plays its 2nd serve points better than 1st serve po

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AI often plays its 2nd serve points better than 1st serve po

Postby Bata » 07 Jan 2015, 01:56

I've owned and played this game for many years. One thing I've frequently been frustrated by is the low 1st serve points win percentage and an often too high 2nd serve win percentage for both myself and the AI. I've already said that I think the computer is too good at returning 1st serves and not good enough returning anything but the most basic 2nd serves.

But in this thread I'd like to highlight the computer's own tendencies on its serve. It's my observation that the AI is much more likely to play a first or second ball error after a 1st serve than a 2nd serve while it makes killer shots and much fewer errors after a 2nd serve. This leads to a 1st serve win percentage lower than the 2nd serve win percentage too often. Part of this is probably my relative inability to return 2nd serves effectively but that's not the only cause. I can hit an equally well placed return off both serves but off the first serve there will be an error and off the same placed return off a 2nd serve the computer will come with a short acceleration or something and hit a winner. At the very least the AI will grind and rally off a 2nd serve without an error, saving most of its inexplicable errors and weak mid court balls for 1st serve points. Shouldn't the computer be more aggressive and accurate off the 1st serve and not less? In short, it should be harder to win 1st serve return points and easier to win 2nd serve return points and the AI's play should reflect that.
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Re: AI often plays its 2nd serve points better than 1st serv

Postby manutoo » 07 Jan 2015, 05:49


what CPU level are you playing against ?
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