Arcade vs. Sim and changing difficulty?

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Arcade vs. Sim and changing difficulty?

Postby sphanlon » 11 Feb 2009, 05:49

There are 2 things I want to permanently change in my tour mode. I want to change my difficulty so I don't have to select it for every opponent. I see where it is in WT Current ini file. But what number is for which difficulty?

And before every match I get a screen where it asks how fast you want to move, what interface you want for your shots and if you want arcade or sim. I know I can set it so it doesn't pop up anymore, but the settings it automatically has set I always change. How do I change them permanently?

Thanks again and great game!
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Re: Arcade vs. Sim and changing difficulty?

Postby manutoo » 11 Feb 2009, 16:34


can u check u have the Build 25 in the Credits menu ?
Coz both of these settings should be permanently changed when u modify them...
Else, maybe try to change them in the "Characher Sheet"...

In the .ini , 0 = Incredible, and 5 = beginner .
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