TE4 on Kickstarter?

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TE4 on Kickstarter?

Postby abel001 » 28 Aug 2014, 05:33

Hi Manutoo,

I just read your provisional plans for TE4 and they sound awesome!

I was wondering if you considered using Kickstarter to fund TE4? I know many/ALL of us here will be more than willing to donate!
It might also help you put in more features and/or release it sooner :D .

* I did a search for "Kickstarter" before I posted this, and no topics showed up.
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tennis enthusiastic
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Re: TE4 on Kickstarter?

Postby Rob92 » 28 Aug 2014, 15:37

I would absolutely be willing to back a Kickstarter for TE if that were to happen. I already 'donated' by buying a second copy of the game for someone but if the opportunity comes up to help fund TE4 via crowdfunding then I'm all ears.
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Re: TE4 on Kickstarter?

Postby manutoo » 29 Aug 2014, 05:02


I'll very likely not do a Kickstarter campaign. They take a 5% cut, and the campaign itself requires some investment (in time & in $$$), and I won't need too much money to do TE4. So instead, if I'm short on cash, I'll do a pre-order campaign to existing TE2013 customers ; hopefully, that should be more than enough to cover the expenses !

And if my Dungeon Crawler actually sells decently, and/or TEM2 start sales are good, and/or TE2013/TEM1 sales don't drop too much next year, then I should be ok in cash... :blackeye:
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