power skills and speed range

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power skills and speed range

Postby NeNa » 24 Aug 2014, 22:23


I think this topic has been there but I'm not sure...
IMO, the range of strike speed and above all of running speed between highly skilled and low skilled players in TE is too wide. This results in a relatively low number of close matches. (I'm talking about matches human vs. CPU only!) E.g. in my last Australian Open tournament, I only lost one game(!) in the first three rounds before being comletely destoyed in straight sets by Kafelnikov in round 4.
I think, if the relation of average ball speed between a Player with 0% power and a Player with 100% power was lowered to perhaps 75% (I think it should be the same relation for each sort of strike and probably the same for running Speed as well), matches would become closer, which would be more interesting as well as more realistic. The difference of ball speed between future tour and top level is much lower in real Tennis than in TE.
I hope you get what I mean, I'm not sure about having expressed myself precisely.

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Re: power skills and speed range

Postby manutoo » 25 Aug 2014, 04:16


yes, it has been reported a few times, although your last experience is pretty extreme !
You can tune it a bit by yourself, by changing this line, in Tennis.ini (or the .ini of your Profile), under [WT_Static] :
Norm100th = 45
to, for example :
Norm100th = 60
it's the % strength of the #100 player in the World.
#1 is :
Norm1st = 90
Last one is :
NormLast = 5
You could also change this one to, for example :
NormLast = 40

It will mess up a bit the simulated results, though, creating more upsets.
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