Sidespin at last!!!!

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Sidespin at last!!!!

Postby dazzer169 » 03 Dec 2008, 19:12

Congratulations Mana Games............I LOVE the ball physics in this....

After years of 'big companies' releasing yet more updates of there franchises (Top Spin/Virtua Tennis/Smash Court etc etc), and for all they're fancy graphics (and I am a big fan of technology improving graphics, and the new HD-ness of everything these days), we finally have a game which actually has PROPER REALISTIC BALL PHYSICS:- ie, finally we see non-serve shots that show the effects of sidespin, just like we see in real life on most forehand and backhand shots, its very rare a shot goes in a completely straight line in reality, and yet Top Spin 3 which I so looked forward to it with its ''realistic ball physics and wind effects'' NOT ONCE shows a ball curving in flight, except on services, and its a travesty that false marketing has allowed this to be the case. Its as if the coders find it hard to implement, i mean obviously the maths involved in the receiving player having to allow for movement of the ball 'in the air' means adjusting the position of the player to compensate, but come on, even some Amiga games back in 1987 had realistic sidespin on shots, it seems to have disappeared during the 1990's and up until now, that Tennis Elbow 2009 has DELIGHTED me with its 100% perfect ball physics.

I posted many complaints to the Top Spin 3 official forum, but all people were bothered with on that forum were things like:--

''ooooooooh, oh dear, i love this game, oooooh, but Borg's signature arm movement isn’t quite right''


''mmmmmmm, love this game sooo much but i wish it would show u the speed of shots more often, i mean speed it’s what the games all about isn’t it!???!!??''

and more nonsense like that. I cannot fathom why no-one else would notice this lack of ball movement in the air, i mean its common place in all soccer/football games, and the Rockstar Table Tennis game simply HAD to make the ball depict all manner of spins as it would in real life, but OH NO, all the big hyped up ultra animated tennis games as I mentioned above, all they worry about is how realistic the faces look, the body shapes, the signature moves, and shadows moving during a match across the court (all of which I love btw), but to the extent that no coders until now, Manutoo and his team simply have put together a fantastic 'best yet' AI and Ball physics package in this game, and yet it will be ignored as its not gonna get known about in the gaming community as much as it deserves.

Ok, it hasn’t got the detailed graphics and real players of the aforementioned games, but for realism in gameplay and ball movement, THIS is where it’s at!!!

ManUtoo..............can I say how wonderful this is, its well worth the £16 or whatever I paid earlier today, and I only wish that u continue improving this over the years, as now the gameplay is nailed, all u need to do is up the graphics. Oh, and i DO hope your name is nothing to do with my most hated football team, ManUre............

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Re: Sidespin at last!!!!

Postby manutoo » 04 Dec 2008, 09:50


thanks, & no worry, ManuTOO is from my real 1st name Emmanuel... ;)
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