help : player doesn't stop to run

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help : player doesn't stop to run

Postby Tefan » 21 Nov 2008, 23:49

i bought the new TE 2009 . there's a problem. when i play, my player just runs away from the ball. sounds weird? let me explain.
i hit a shot, then i move to get another one and then during this suddenly it moves either one of the sides, runs so back that it goes outta screen or goes to the net. this happens even when im not pressing the direction buttons.
it happens when i m moving. at first i thought i was pressing the arrow keys too hard but this happens anyway. and ive tried a lot of times but cant control my player runs wild in one direction.
it's just like in doubles when u miss a ball or something happens.
what's this?

Re: help : player don't stop to run

Postby manutoo » 22 Nov 2008, 10:27


so you're playing with the keyboard, but sometimes your player doesn't stop to run when you release the arrow key, right ?

Could u try to play with 4, 5, 6 & 8 on the keypad instead of the arrow keys ?
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