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Experience points / training

Postby Guest » 12 Nov 2008, 21:09

I've started a career and the first couple of months I enter tournaments and play matches in order to earn experience points so I can improve my skills. Since my skills are very low, I have no chance to win the matches so I constantly "give up" the matches rather than wasting my time losing big.

Can I somehow earn experience points or train my skills without playing matches? The first couple of months of a career I'd like to improve my skills without playing (giving up) matches. The procedure of giving up matches for the first couple of months is rather boring so I'd like to skip it.

Postby manutoo » 13 Nov 2008, 05:00


the easiest way is to start ur carrier at the 300th Rank. You'll get some extra points at the beginning.
Or play on a lower difficulty level where u can actually beat ur opponents... :)
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