Impossible to hit the ball long?

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Impossible to hit the ball long?

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2008, 20:45


1- I've been enjoying the demo for several hours but I've yet to hit the ball long. I've missed to the sides and into the net, but I never hit the ball long. I find that unrealistic but maybe it's just my playing style? I've tried hitting it long on purpose but I can't! How do I hit the ball long?

2- Another thing. Does the AI take into consideration if I only serve to one side? For instance, if I continue to hit aces to one side would the AI then move a little further to that side when returning in order stop me from hitting aces all the time? It doesn't seem like that?

Postby manutoo » 11 Nov 2008, 06:36


1- it means u already play a bit well... ;)
To hit the ball long, u have to prepare ur strike too late, and preferably with a bad position from the ball (but not too bad, coz then, u'll send it in the net).
With the aiming helper on, u'll see at 1st it's very big and a part is going after the baseline. It's in this case the ball may be too long.

2- No, the CPU doesn't anticipate ur serve... I may add it in the future, but it's a delicate matter... :?
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Re: Impossible to hit the ball long?

Postby paranoid » 16 Nov 2008, 10:00

I hit the ball long quite often..maybe it's because I put zero topspin in my build?
I also notice the tendency to make an error in long rally will increase with time. Is this affected by low stamina?
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