Mtrun parameter

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Mtrun parameter

Postby btaylor » 17 Oct 2008, 08:38

Hey Manutoo... Back in Sept Brad1981 asked about the values in the mtrun. (acceleration & maxspeed) I was a li'l bit confused about your the value when it is turned off =0 or 1.0? Also, is it faster when it is set to a higher value or a lower one? The way you have it set now is: Acceleration= 1.75, Maxspeed= 2.0. What happens if acceleration=2.0 for example? Can Maxspeed be set any faster, say, 3? Yeah, and I second Brad1981 about including us in the credits...WAY COOL!!! :D It makes us feel that in some way we had a small hand in helping you with the game development (with all our bitching and complaining! :wink: ) Thanks again for all you do! :) By the way, what's a court stakhanovite?!
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Postby manutoo » 17 Oct 2008, 13:56

1.0 = normal
2.0 = faster
5.0 = super very faster
There's no real upper limit, so u can be as fast as u want... ;)

And sure, all of u helped me to make a better TE2009, and at very least, a less bugged one..! :)
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Postby Brad1981 » 17 Oct 2008, 17:44

I find that with the settings at
MaxSpeed = 1.0
Accel = 1.55

give me ideal playing experience.
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