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Out indication marker & other suggestions

Postby btaylor » 05 Sep 2008, 09:20

Hi Manutoo.

1- Is there a way to delete the out indication marker on the CPU side of the court? It's starting to become somewhat of a distraction to me when I hit the ball out. I got used to not having it in TE2006. (I'm starting to feel more..uh..comfortable competing without it even with the CPU set at level 2) :wink: I'm really enjoying the game now...quite challenging :D

2- When I set the serve precision, consistency, and power to the levels you suggested I still have a super low ace percentage even when using B1&B2. I understand that when you increase the level of the CPU it will become more difficult to get aces but I have played level 2 a lot (even beat him 6-0 a few times) and still have gotten only 2 or 3 aces in about 8 sets, even when using the slice :? Maybe I'm still not doing it right?
crazy of the little yellow ball
crazy of the little yellow ball
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Suggestions for New Version Update

Postby btaylor » 08 Sep 2008, 06:57

Hi Manu.

3- I don't know if you can still tweak the players movements or not but here goes... :wink: In response to Brad and S.Williamz concerns with PL1's movement I understand that the run speed is at max, but it would be nice if the player would break into his run earlier in his sideways movement instead of shuffling so much (purely for visual enhancement).

4- In addition, during his sideways run it would be more realistic if his head was turned more towards the net (or more accurately toward the opponents incoming shot) because that's the way it's done in real tennis. (now it looks like he isn't even looking at the oncoming shot when he runs)

5- Also, when I'm at net and hit what looks like a SURE volley winner the CPU will do what looks almost like a sneaky late hit...I replayed it in slow motion and it appears that he got to it before the 2nd bounce but that's not too realistic. :?

6- Also what is the little visual that sometimes appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen (it looks like a player bouncing a ball with his raquet) Listen...

I know you said that your budget is not as big as some of the other games but these little suggestions , if possible, would go a long way to adding even more realism to TE2008 :) It's a GRREAT game!!! :D
crazy of the little yellow ball
crazy of the little yellow ball
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Gaming Since: 28 May 2008, 08:02
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Postby manutoo » 08 Sep 2008, 13:02

1- is it that annoying ?

2- I tuned the CPU and it should be easier to hit aces now

3- the run animation starts only after 1 side step, when acceleration to the max..! :shock:

4- I'll try to do it in the future

5- I tuned this a bit

6- it shows u when u didn't hit the ball with the center of ur racket
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