1st serve percentage

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1st serve percentage

Postby btaylor » 03 Sep 2008, 10:04

Yo, Manutoo. In the tennis.ini do the values such as 1st serve percentage, ace count,etc; change after each set played? It seems when I go back into the ini these values have changed, even if I have set them differently. I seem to have virtually no aces against PL2 set on level 3. Also, is there any need to register this version if it is not the finalized version or should we just ignore the instruction in the start of the game? :?
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Postby manutoo » 03 Sep 2008, 11:39

"ST_1stService%" is the stat, not the skill.
Change these line to raise your service skills :
Service_Consistency= 75
Service_Power = 75
Service_Precision= 75

And it's surely possible to do ace against the CPU in Level 3.
The slice helps a lot when using b1, but b1+b2 without effect should work sometimes as well...
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