Difficulty of game

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Difficulty of game

Postby Guest » 24 Aug 2008, 09:51

These random errors SUCK!!!! :evil: Almost every time I'm in a position to win a game (40-15) some stupid error or double fault seems to happen until I lose. Even win I'm playing a safe shot/serve. I use a keyboard and the amount of sensitivity required is ridiculous! :? Even with the help thingy. Also since in the trial version we make random errors why is it that player 2 never ever makes an error!? I realize that he is supposedly armed with basic skills but is this fair? Is there a way for us to edit his efficiency? It seems that one must be an expert at this game to get anything out of it. If a new player tries this trial they may also get discouraged and think twice about purchasing it. Since this is only a trial I hope that the final release will have the different levels to try. How the heck some players have beat this thing love/love is a mystery to me!!! :scratch:

Postby manutoo » 24 Aug 2008, 11:05


I test the game both with keyboard & my gamepad to be sure it's playable with both.

Do u think the controls are too sensitive ?

I guess u didn't have time to read all posts from the main topic, but at least, u could have read the 1st one which clearly state this :
"The AI is very basic ! It's just there to send the ball again & again, so I don't need any comment about it now !"

So it's not about being fair or unfair, it's just _not_ done... :roll:
Wait a couple more weeks to get the correct AI.

But right now, u can make it slightly easier by editing the Tennis.ini , and changing this line under [TrainingClub_p2] from :
Level = 3
to :
Level = 5

About the serve, to do double fault, are u sure u didn't do the "1st safe serve", instead of the "2nd serve 100% safe" ..?

And lastly: volleying is way too hard, it'll be tuned for Test version #2 (coming within a couple of weeks, I guess).

PS: right now, TE2008 isn't a "game", it's just a "Test version"... ;)
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difficulty of TE2008 trial

Postby btaylor » 25 Aug 2008, 04:57

Hi Manu. Sorry if I came down too hard on the trial, I was just frustrated. I apologize. :oops: I realize that you are doing the best that you can to bring a better game to us. Some times we are just too impatient. I had also read the post about the AI being basic, I just thought maybe player 2 could be edited to make some errors, but I understand. :)
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