New version, strange version?

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New version, strange version?

Postby KRISTOOPH » 17 Dec 2013, 00:03


I got a problem with the new version, after installing it, i cant play as i can before.
For the first look, anything look bad, but when i play my player is slowlier then he was, slowlier then opponents, hit slowly, for example when i served in the old version, the fastest speed i can hit was sometimes 234, 233 or 229 or sth like that, a lot of 210-220, sometimes when i try fast serve it was 180-190.

And what now? a lot of my fastest serves is 150-170. sometmes i can hit 190, 200 is a masterpiece now?

And the same is in game after serve. Winners earlier 130-150, now 110-120, and one more, my player cant run as earlier.

I use demo version, play on keyboard i always play n keybord, so i dont think so its reason.

I had 2400 ELO, now i lost 8/10 played matches 0:6 with players with who i won erlier easly.

I tried to reinstall game about 4 times, Still the same result. Please help me, i wanted to buy full version, i wouldnt do it if it will be working like that.

I start to stop like my the bestest game ive ever play.

Re: New version, strange version?

Postby manutoo » 17 Dec 2013, 04:44


you have to re-set your Player in the Training Club. If you installed the demo, now you have again 75% everywhere.
To avoid losing your player, next time there's an update, install the patch instead of the demo.
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