This game play just to fast and difficult to get the ball !

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This game play just to fast and difficult to get the ball !

Postby Nishikori » 01 Nov 2013, 16:52

Im a new player and now i play lot of game with the demo .. before i want buy this game but I changed my mind at a moment i wait for a new patch .. is very disappointing for the game :cry: !

1. The serve just too fast, you can not miss to go to the ball therefore not fun after you play long time !

Here Everyone focuses on the serve (pro players) and no chance to play a new player its for this nobody stay play with this game long time i think !

Ok i understand you want make realistic the serve speed but in the real life perspectives vision mutch better and reaction time is better to ,, not a little yellow pixel you need wait for it to come ... so reaction time is mutch slower in the game .

- now many "cm" move on your monitor the little yellow ball (pixel )? :) and how fast ? realize the need to take it ? nooooo !! many time just impossible !!

i play many time with Top spin 1-2 and mutch easy and fun to play with not about just the serve
i know now many pro player think im very noob but if want not just "fanatic" players play with this game .

2. The player runing to slow (turning the other way) or the ball go to fast ??...ex : I know i see where to go for the ball in time but just no chance to run there !!!! :?

i push the button in good time but the myplayer can not get there :shock:

Everyone hit the ball perfectly in line, often with great force ! The game play is very short and not fun :(

No matter which mode Im (fair,realistic..etc)

i think the game need be little slower and will be more fun and can play more long time :D
Im sure if this will change in the future more player stay play with this game !

This is just my opinion ..I hope you take it seriously, :o and it's still probably buy it :yes: (i wait for a new patch :D )
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Re: This game play just to fast and difficult to get the bal

Postby campa100anni » 01 Nov 2013, 20:41

you should try to increase the ball size so that it will be easier for you to see it during rallies or after the serve.
for return games you should try auto-positioning or try to take one/two steps behind the baseline so that you'll have more time to see the ball coming.
If your opponent is playing too close to the lines and hit the ball too powrful maybe you are playing at highest difficult, try to decrease it once it will suit your abilities.
You just need to practise more, when you'll have play enough matches you'll find way easier to do a lot of things that now seem so hard.
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Re: This game play just to fast and difficult to get the bal

Postby manutoo » 02 Nov 2013, 05:17

1- campa100anni's post address correctly your issues, but here anyway more reading to help you : topic8-6180.php . With the advices there, anyone with some decent reflexes should be able to return most of serves in Fair mode.

2- Fair mode is significantly slower than Realistic mode, so stick to it and try to play with Simulation controls (instead of Elite ones) as they are much easier to master when you start to play the game.

3- Try to play with low ELO players (under 1200 ELO), they won't be so good
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