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World Tour Rankings

Postby SDAWG » 17 Jul 2013, 22:20

Out of curiousity...what are the World Tour Rankings based on in regards to History? Some players seem way out of place given that time period. For example, in my game Venus Williams lost before the third round of every major in 1999 and ended the year ranked #13. In real life in 1999 she was number 3 in the world. It's 2002 and Justine Henin is a two time grandslam champion and number one in the world. 2002-03 was dominated by Capriati and the Williams Sisters. They are towards the top but where does Justine come from. Everytime I play there is some odd player picking up titles or being ranked number one (MARY JOE FERNANDEZ). Any reason as to why?

BTW, I fully understand that it won't be like real life which is fun, but for some players it seems quite random.
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Re: World Tour Rankings

Postby manutoo » 18 Jul 2013, 04:56


their year strength is from historical ranking, but after that, it's somewhat random, depending who they meet & their current seed status, it can go one way or another.
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