config - color depth

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config - color depth

Postby rangersfc » 08 Jul 2013, 18:30

Hi all,

Is there a big graphical difference between the 16- bit and 32- bit (depth color) config. in the 2d games? I have to use the 16- bit version with "Sam's megapatch" because the game doesn't want to load. Wihout the patch/mod (the normal TE 2013)I don't see any difference at all so far. The last Sam patch worked absolutely fine. I'm a bit confused whether to use the patch further or nor. :?
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Re: config - color depth

Postby manutoo » 09 Jul 2013, 07:38


16 bits will use about 2 times less video memory (and also less RAM), but will have less color variations (65000 colors vs 16 millions). The difference is usually not much noticeable except on gradients.
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