Net play/Stroke animations

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Net play/Stroke animations

Postby Hansterkampius » 29 Jun 2013, 02:28

Hey all,

I actually play the game since 2 years or so and never had so much fun as right now. The game just keeps improving and is incredible!!! :wink:

I only play matches in the training club. I don't play online matches and don't follow the career mode.
So actually I just like to simulate some matches I recently saw on TV or demolish my opponents with Federer. :mrgreen:

Right now, I have a lot of experience and can handle my opponents, as I know the controls and shot selection pretty well. I know how the game "works" and what shot to play at what moment etc. ... I play with my keyboard at the highest difficulty.

But ONE thing I just can not get comfortable with, is the net-game.
It just frustrates me a little bit. I often hit a great approach shot, but then I somehow I can't get my player in the right position at the right time, to play a decent volley...
So maybe someone can help me, how to play at the net and hit good volleys? What shots do you use for your volleys, when you are at the net? Slice-, Topspin-, Normal-, or Power-Shot volleys?

I just don't know what kind of volley to play at the right time.
And especially on drop-, and short-volleys, I regularly fail...

Then I have a suggestion regarding the gameplay:

First of all, the gameplay is awesome. There is no other tennis game in the world with a more realstic gameplay!!!
But one area, that could improve imo, is the defensive shot animations.

To be more precise, the defensive slice.

So when my opponent hits some pretty hard/flat groundstrokes, which instantly forces me to hit a slice shot, you actually are lost...
The problem is:
The harder/deeper your opponent hits a groundstroke and the later you reach the shot, the SHORTER is your defensive slice.
I actually can understand that logic. It makes sense. You are in a defensive position and that's why your slice gets shoorter and your opponent can possibly come to the net.

But: I would really, really appreciate it, if the defensive slice could be animated more variable. There should be a chance, to get out of defense and get into the rally again.

So my suggestion:
A high backhand/forehand defensive slice, just like Federer, Nadal or Murray hit them so often.
So that you understand of what I'm talking about, I post this video:

@ 00:32, 02:13, 03:04, 04:24 you see, what I mean...

The problem with the current backhand/forehand slice is, that it's only a normal slice. You can also play a short slice, which makes it a bit sharper, but there is no possibility to hit a HIGH defensive slice with good length. Especially under pressure, when you just reach the ball in the last moment, the slice always will be short.

That's something, that sould be imrpoved. It would be perfect, if there was a button just for this particular shot!!!

I hope, that someone can improve this. Then, the game would just be perfect!!! :mrgreen:

Thank you all and sorry for my bad english,

Hansterkampius :)
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Re: Net play/Stroke animations

Postby manutoo » 29 Jun 2013, 05:52


about netplay, against Incredible (10?), it might not have any good way to do... ;)
Against Master level, I slice low/hard volley, B1 for the average one, and when I see the ball is higher than the net & not far from me, B1+B2.

about short slice... Online, most people defend with B1 instead of slice, as it'll produce long ball sometimes (with Elite controls it gives some errors as well, though).
The slices in your video aren't that long and as they bounce high, in TE, your opponent could even smash them more than the current slices. It looks like the slice from B2 -> B2+down -> B2, though.
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