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Serve key

Postby Jalshey » 17 May 2013, 21:56

Hey Ive been trying out the game, and I voted in steam. Im trying the demo, but I don't know which button is the serve key, and I dont know how to control the direction of the ball.
Any help appreciated thanks.

Re: Serve key

Postby Nigogu » 17 May 2013, 22:22

The serve key is the same hitting key. To make a sure serve use b1 (d: alt) to make a slice serve use b2 (d: ctrl) and to make a power service use b1+b2 (windows key)
And there are more combinations you can found in the FAQ of the game.
To control the direction of the ball, keep pressed the key of the hit and move the direction keys to the direction you want the ball goes.
Good Luck! :jap:
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