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Moving speed

Postby Raz » 12 Feb 2013, 16:40

1.This is not really a bug,its more like a bad gameplay idea. I see more and more players that have the lowest height possible in the game, just because they know they can run slightly faster than the average height players. So my question now is: why is this possible ? Djokovic's height in real life is 1.88, Nadal's is 1.85 and they're the fastest guys on tour. Just because some players are smaller than the others doesnt really mean they are faster as well. Can you remove this 'tweak' ?

2.Also,I noticed that players that have very low height also serve surprisingly well, hitting more aces than the average height players and serving very consistently. Why is this ? This doesnt seem real to me at all. Being a small guy shouldnt make you able to serve too well, and at the end of the day by reducing height to the lowest possible ( I think its 1.70 ) should bring disadvantages as well. All I can see is that it bring only advantages.. :roll:
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Re: Moving speed

Postby manutoo » 13 Feb 2013, 04:56


1. => viewtopic.php?p=15066#p15066 (notes: top speed is now ~28km/h and the acceleration bonus has been slightly nerfed ; I let you the joy to parse all the ChangeLogs to find when, how & why ;) ).

2. smallest player's horizontal serve speed is identical to the tallest player ; vertical speed is slightly smaller, which means the ball bounces lower, which make easier to return closer of the baseline ; these serves are more dangerous only if you like to stand _very_ far from the baseline
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